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About Us

The Million Marathon Fund is a vertically integrated private equity firm with a focus on strategic real estate investment solutions. Launched in May 2023, our first private equity fund, TMM Fund May 2023 LLC, is dedicated to providing accredited investors with unique, customized strategies to grow their wealth over time.

Our mission is to emphasize transparency, integrity, and honesty while managing our client's investments effectively. We are deeply committed to understanding each investor's unique goals, and we guide their investments with the help of our team of seasoned experts.

Meet the Team

Investing in our fund means investing in a team of experts who are dedicated to maximizing your returns. With our proven track record of success and extensive market knowledge, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch results for our investors. Trust us to guide you towards your financial goals and secure your financial future with steadfast confidence.



Our Team is at the Core of What we Do

Our people and our culture have always set The Million Marathon Fund apart. They are the reason clients come to us in the first place and why clients stay with us deal after deal. Attracting, retaining and promoting the best people is key to our success and our growth.
We continuously strive to meet and achieve our mission
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