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The Million Marathon Fund Approach

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The Million Marathon Fund

The Million Marathon Fund is a vertically integrated real estate private equity firm specializing in the acquisition, development, management of Real estate development projects, Multifamily Investing and asset based lending to Real Estate Investors. The Million Marathon Fund drives shareholder values through operational synergies throughout our entities.

Why Invest With The Million Marathon Fund?
Our vertical integration creates complete synergy across our investments.
Our Criteria
We search high and low for opportunities with extreme upside potential, here’s our criteria:

Growing Markets

We focus on markets with positive migration trends for investment opportunities, providing benefits such as a growing demand for housing and a stable economy for our investors.


Our focus is on residential development projects with a minimum estimated completion value of $10,000,000. Engaging in large-scale deals grants us access to favorable pricing for materials and labor, leading to increased profits for both our company and our investors.


We aim to identify opportunities in thriving markets where individuals are eager to reside, and will continue to desire to do so, with access to desirable schools, proximity to essential amenities, convenient transportation, high security, and other crucial considerations.


It is crucial for us to focus on markets where demand exceeds supply when considering real estate development opportunities. This means targeting areas with strong growth potential and factors such as desirable location, access to essential amenities and transportation, and high-quality schools and security. By ensuring high demand, we can mitigate risks and ensure long-term success for both ourselves and our investors.
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Investment Strategy

TMM Fund Investor Success Formula

 Jumbo Money Market

Investors may choose to allocate up to 30% of their investment to our Jumbo Money Market account at our banking institution, which offers the potential for high interest earning, low risk, and monthly cash flow, while also benefiting from the rest of their investment. Our participation in these jumbo money markets is made possible by our success in raising significant capital.

Combine All

By strategically combining all three of our investment approaches - the Jumbo Money Market, Debt, and Development - we are able to create a powerful and well-rounded investment portfolio that offers the best of both worlds. On one hand, our investments are hedged, offering low risk and stability to our investors. On the other hand, they are also high yield, providing maximum returns and financial success. This is the ultimate recipe for investor success and we are thrilled to offer this opportunity to our investors.


Our debt strategy of providing loans to real estate investors offers a steady cash flow and low risk, as the loan is collateralized by the property at a maximum Loan-to-Value ratio of 70%. This ensures protection of the investment while still providing a healthy cash flow and high returns.

Hold Period 

Our investment hold periods vary from 18 months to 5 years, allowing for varying exit opportunities for our investors.



Our development investments maximize value by transforming raw land into finished products, resulting in high returns for both us and our investors at the end of the process.
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The BIRD Model 
Our real estate development investments are structured utilizing this model in order to provide investors with maximum return prospects while minimizing their downside exposure.


TMM Fund endeavors to secure growth opportunities in regions where there is a pronounced disparity between the demand for and the availability of housing. This may be attributed to a rising population or an increased need for housing, among other factors. Our acquisitions are accomplished through the procurement of properties at prices below their market value.

Increase Returns

As licensed home builders and general contractors, we undertake the complete construction process of our projects in-house, which significantly minimizes expenses and enhances returns for our investors. By executing our construction operations internally, we eliminate the requirement to engage external organizations to complete our projects.

Reduce Risk

Our objective is to maintain a Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio ranging from 40% to 65% in all of our real estate development ventures, through the utilization of bank financing from the acquisition phase to the completion of the projects. This ensures the preservation of both our capital and that of our investors in the form of equity, from the inception of the investment to its disposition. Our conservative underwriting approach enables us to maintain a robust equity position in all our investments, even in unfavorable circumstances.

Do It Again

Our approach is consistently employed in all of our real estate development projects with the objective of satisfying our investors at every stage of their investment journey.
The Million Marathon Fund Ecosystem
From acquisition to construction, from management to marketing, from completion to sales & financing, The Million Marathon Fund does it all.
Are You Ready to Scale Your Portfolio and Build Your Real Estate Empire?
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